Hi Everyone! 

Thank you so much for donating to my cause. We have successfully donated over 2,500 masks to hospitals. Its been amazing to see how many friends, companies, and even strangers donate! I am so glad I was able to donate while there are a lot of health institutions in need! I am currently ending my mask donations as a lot of hospitals don’t need it anymore. In the mean time I am still doing a few things to support health care workers and will keep everyone posted

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Donations to will appear live on stream when online

My name is Long Do, I am striving to raise awareness of the shortages of masks, and do what I can with my resources.

I currently have access to a manufacturer that can provide masks. Every dollar donated is another mask.



I currently have access to a manufacturer that can provide masks. Every $1 dollar donated is another mask.

I am currently working with William Osler Health System Foundation and St Joseph Health Centre in Toronto.

If we can’t donate anymore masks, we will donate directly in funds.


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This is my sister at St. Joseph Health Centre, she is a CT technologist and currently running scans on COVID-19 patients.

I would like to do all I can to protect her and all the healthcare workers that are saving lives.

Healthcare workers are running out of masks in numerous hospitals. I will stream and video record whenever I can while doing the donation live.

Live Updates of Deliveries

Donations made as of 5/17/2020

1,000 Masks delivered to various other Hospitals!
750 Masks delivery to Sick Kids’s Hospital. Thank you Nhi!
250 Masks delivered to Sick Kid’s Hospital. Thank you Peiting Li for being a volunteer to do the delivery!
250 Masks delivered to Sunnybrook Hospital. Thank you #ppedrive for pick up
250 Masks delivered to Michael Garron Hospital. Thank you #ppedrive for pick up

Donation Made 4/22/2020

750 Masks to Sick Kids

Donations made as of 3/30/2020

250 Masks delivered to St Joseph’s Health Center 
250 Masks delivered to William Osler Health Institution

This is Nikki from William Osler Foundation.

  • Thanks Peiting for picking up a package! Donation is underway to SickKids!

    Few other packages being prepared!